Happy Valentine’s Day (Belatedly) !

Howdy, Folks! Dave here.

For a great live Native listening experience, I find myself coming back to this Wetlands show (2-28-96) from the era right around the time we put out Live From Marmfington Farm, Vol. 1.

This particular show comes right before that, but it shows me three things:

1) We could have taken any of so many shows from that period, and it would have been just a great as it is! And…

2) It came down to recording quality, really, because in 1996 Native was absolutely on fire! This Jon Leteurza board recording is just silky smooth, balanced. And…

3) It’s so very interesting to hear songs from our John Epstein era, as interpreted by John Watts, and the way the songs had evolved in the intervening year and a half. And…

4) There’s no such thing as too much Matt Lyons bass solo!

Okay, that’s four things!

Never mind all that — just kick back and crank it.

Morning After
Down To The River

Cornbread Wednesday


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