Why Nativology?

August 14, 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the first gig Native ever played.

Since that night, Native grew from just another fledgling band in the mean city into one of New York’s cherished cult acts. Fans turned into family. The band turned a tiny bar into the best place to be on a Wednesday night. Heck, they turned Wednesday night into a night that one must go out until the wee hours, jobs and sleep be damned! They ventured around the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, collecting more fans who became family along the way. They recorded independently when that was still a really difficult and expensive thing to do, then they were pioneers in the realm of lesser-known bands by creating their own studio before it was as easy as buying a computer.

Members of this extended family went through major life events. A band member was lost, so were a lot of friends and fans. Kids were born. People moved all over the world, changed jobs, won and lost careers and businesses, coupled up and split up, and created many beautiful and interesting things. 20 years includes a whole lot of life and change.

Meanwhile, loads of Native songs were written and recordings were made, many of the latter (and some of the former) never before heard outside of the band. From demo projects recorded on cassette decks to brilliantly produced studio tracks left over from album recordings, not to mention miles of tape of live shows, the coffers of the Native vaults are brimming! The giant task of getting everything into modern formats for release is well underway and some real treats have been discovered along the path.

How better to celebrate the anniversary of this special act than opening up the floodgates? On August 15 Native will begin releasing recordings from the earliest days of the band and telling the stories behind them. Material will keep rolling out chronologically until the climactic release of the final studio tracks from the and then what recording sessions on December 10, the 20th anniversary of John “Woody” Wood bringing a conga to a show, completing the core of the band, and truly getting the journey going.

Nativology is not just a collection of music but a living attempt to chronicle the history of an act with classic songs, sweet jams, and a treasure trove of tales through serialized posts, downloads, streams, and events. Please join us in celebrating the spectacular ride!


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