Native’s Classic First Album – Side Two

We’ve got a big announcement to make next week, so we’re going to cruise through a rundown of the second side of Native‘s epic first album for ya’lls!

When we say side two, we’re talking about the cassette version. In 1994, very few people had CD players in their cars, and those that did held an honorary status of near-godliness in our primitive minds.

Sadly, Native never had a vinyl release in our ten year run. But, in your mind – imagine you are flipping over from side one of a big wax platter, dropping the stylus on the first track, and kicking back with a gigantic, freshly-packed bong, while staring at Karl Ottersberg‘s brilliant album cover…

Here’s a tune with an interesting history. Mat Hutt wrote the music, Mike wrote the indelible ear-worm riff, and I wrote the lyrics and the bridge. I’ve been asked many times about the identity of ‘Sammi in red’, and all I can reveal is that she’s the same gal who inspired Native’s first song, Something Worth Remembering, and two songs that would come later – Sweet Intensity, and December Roses. She’s even more famous in a song by a major band from our scene that specifically names her. Quite a gal, to say the least! (BTW, this was my first bridge – I love a good bridge!)

Interested Third Party

Next we have a lovely reggae by Mat featuring a heavenly harmony from the great Catherine Russell. Mike’s solo was a first-take!

Fall Away

After that, we settle into the easy city-hippie groove we were so good at. A song about getting high in the city. Our management would adopt this song-title as their business name shortly thereafter and everyone got high in the city!

Running Smooth

Native was massively influenced by The Meters, and yet there is scant evidence of that anywhere on the album. Except here. Matt Lyons’ massive bass-line is the glue that never stops holding, even after all these years.  The island in question was Manhattan.


The grand finale is this epic, co-written with our former lead singer, Anthony Ballsley. Recorded in one take, as I was suffering with a serious bout of pneumonia, and our gear was breaking down. This is one of the tunes we are best known for, and was a killer in a live setting. All praise Mike Jaimes’ heroic guitar gymnastics – they never fail to impress, and indeed, they hold redemptive qualities, in our opinion.

The Sea

Okay, you just got learned about Native’s first album! You are now officially a better person, and your grandchildren will revel in your tales of what it was like when America was not run by alien overlords!

Next week, a merry Christmas present is forthcoming from us to you! Stay tuned!


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