Happy Valentine’s Day! (Preemptively)

Yep! We’re back, because Dave has returned to the fold with a new batch of tracks that we love to the max! So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Firstly, these tunes hail from a tape we keep turning to because it has perhaps the best sound of all the tapes in our vast library. Could it be because it’s on cassette, and not DAT?


But, it is evident that the talents of Wetland’s legendary soundman, John Letuerza, was at the helm, delivering the definitive Native mix!

Today’s first tune, Go, is a live version of the lead-off track from our eponymously-named first album. It’s light-hearted fun, poppin’ fresh from the oven! And it shows that our roots were as firmly in the pop songcraft soil, as they were in Jamband land.

The second song, Just Want To Love You, is especially perfect for Valentine’s Day. Written and sung by Mike Jaimes, this version shows off the subtle, but abundant, stylings of John Watts, and, Mike delivers as succinct and wondrous a solo as ever was played by mortal hands.

Our third submission today is a little song that’s perfect for that 24-hour/7 day party person hiding in your life. Trash is aptly named, because whenever it’s playing — it’s time to get trashed! So, get to playing it!

Here’s hoping these tunes warm you up, even as the blizzard rages outside – and, remember, if you’re buying that special someone chocolates for Valentine’s Day, you probably haven’t given the matter enough thought.

Go (Wetlands 2-28-96)

Just Want To Love You (Wetlands 2-28-96)

Trash (Wetlands 2-28-96)

Cornbread Wednesday


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