The Woodman Arriveth

John Wood, (aka Wood, Woody, Woodman, & Toast, Toastman, Stretchy McTallguy, and… to at least one rabid Asian fan —Goody!) has been Native’s percussionist for a long time — although, truth be told, he never actually, officially joined the band! He just showed up on stage at Nightingale Bar on December 10th, 1992 (and played his ass off!). He then continued to show up for every gig we played from then on. He also became the cornerstone of the infamous Native loft, den mother, and the grease that kept the Native machinery rolling.

So, today marks the twentieth anniversary of that event — not joining Native. And boy are we glad it happened, or didn’t happen, as the case may be. We couldn’t have been who we were without him.

Yay Woody!

Woody at Amherst Brewing Company

photography by Kassandraa Tamanini


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